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Hi Brian and Michelle,

We wanted to send you a update on Bella. She's doing great. At first, she would just get into everything and potty training was like Michigan weather (I think you know what I mean) Lol! The daily walks continue to be a adventure Lol again. But we still love her and happy with her.

she's very healthy and all caught up with her shots. Bella has become very popular in the neighborhood and with the relatives.... She actually receives more visitors then we do. Bella continue to be more comfortable with her surrounding. Paris have taught her 4 or 5 tricks so far. We are very, very pleased with Bella. We just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy we are.

Take care and again, Thank you for Bella

Cliff, Jennifer, Paris and Jestice

June 25th 2012

Brian and Michelle,

I thought you may want to know this... NO! I know you'll want to know this. Hopefully you remember me and Andy from Ohio. We purchased Samson a little over two yrs ago from you. We are from southern Ohio and you called our puppy Moose when he was a pup, prior to coming to his forever home. Anyway, we have some fantastic news that will benefit you as well as our breeding program. Keep in mind when I was there to select first pick male you advised that we take the dog we have as opposed to one I would have chosen. Because I knew you were honest and trustworthy people we elected to take your advice and now it is like gold! Samson's test results came back and he received a pass (normal) on the elbows and his hips came back OFA EXCELLENT!!!!! You have continued to give us advice over the two yrs since we met you so I thought we would share our exciting news with you. Please know that we are considering getting more dogs from you when the timing is right. Since our male was from you we need to get another pup from different parents. Samson was from Golden Boy Copper and Lady Callie. You will be at the top of our list not because of these results alone but, because you are such honest and trustworthy breeders.

May God's light shine on you and Bless you and your Family


John and Andy

June 15, 2012

Hi Brian and Michelle,

I hope this email finds you all doing well. We wanted to send you an update on Buddy & Leo. They are both turning out to be Wonderful little guys. Although they cause mischief, they absolutely LOVE eachother. They are both healthy as can be, we are planning on having Leo neutered here soon. I have been taking them both for a walk, Buddy got used to being on the right side so Leo got stuck with the left. I am going to try my first attempt to the Soccer field this weekend with Leo. Buddy is already used to everyone so hopefully it will be easy for Leo too. They do great though. We couldnt be happier!

Take care and again, Thank you for the boys..

Craig, Jessica & Matthew

May 18, 2012

hi, just wanted to send you a quick update of chloe.

chloe was one of julia and coppers' puppies. she is doing fantastically well. Causing all sorts of trouble and enjoying life! She is scheduled to be fixed next month. she visits with my family and their golden retriever comet. At home, her and our other dog Bentley are best buddies. they are constantly together. she is sprouting like a weed!


May 17, 2012

Hello. My father and I picked up your last little boy Golden that you had just over two weeks ago. Dad named him Buck. Buck is healthy, happy and learning so much. He has become a big part of the family and has brought a light back to my father's world. Buck gives my dog, Lady a run for her money and she can't wait to get away from him as much as she can't wait to see him each weekend. He is a delight. Thank you.


May 16, 2012

Hi Michelle and Brian -

Just wanted to let you know how much we love Cinammon and how sweet and gentle she is. Of course, you know that, but I thought you might like to hear it again.

She really loves Amy and follows her everywhere. She spends the day with her and prepares herself for the rest of the family to come home.

She dances on her toes when her new family comes home and they love her excitement.

We are all going up north this weekend. She spent last weekend with Tim and she did great. Amy had a conference in Florida and she really missed her. Now they are all together.

Just wanted you to know how grateful we are for her. She really reminds me of my beloved labrador, Jack, who I miss everyday.

Labs and retrievers are the best dogs ever.

Thank you again,


May 25, 2011

Hi Michelle,

Brady is doing very well. Even having raised another Golden, I am still amazed at how fast he's grown in just 3 weeks since we brought him home! At his vet visit he weighed 12 lbs. already and he's quite tall. He spends his days at Grandma's until I am off work for the summer. He's also attended our girls' soccer games and creates quite a stir from adults and kids alike. In fact, one parent at the park approached and asked where we got him so I forwarded her a link to your web-site. Hopefully you can help her with a new forever friend. I don't know her well but she did share that she had an aggressive dog in the past (I believe she had to put it down) and is eager to have the gentle, loving experience of a Golden.

We can tell how involved your husband is with the pups because Brady's favorite spots to nap are on my husband's shoes (or my dad's shoes at his house)! So cute!



May 20,2011

Hi Michelle!!!!

I just love Ruby and so does my family. She was hit the weekend I brought her home. She is so good and lovable. I've already taught her to sit and shake paws!

Thanks so much.


May 17, 2011

Hi Michelle and Brian,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on “Paisley”. She is doing really well and adjusting to her new home wonderfully. Our golden boy “Cody” is coping but its taking him much longer to get comfortable with her than it is her with him. We are impressed with her behavior with him though, he seems to want his space from her mostly and she’s very respectful of that. She wants to play with him and is happy when he does, but when he’s tired of her and done, she lets him walk away.

She is very good in her crate already and sleeping for about 6 hours at night with no messes in the crate. We are very thrilled! She has had a few accidents in the house of course but she is running to the door when we ask if she wants to go outside so we’re encouraged with that. We know she’s very young to be house trained.

She has met many friends and family and she gets nothing but glowing reviews for how absolutely darling she is. She is such a cutie! We can’t imagine why she wasn’t “picked” by one of the earlier depositors. It’s hard for us to believe that she was the “leftover” puppy.

She had a completely clean bill of health at the vet and is scheduled for her next visit and shots on the 16. She is growing like a weed. She was almost 11 pounds on Monday at the vet. You can feel her gaining weight by the day almost. It’s too bad they can’t stay little for a while longer.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a little update on our little girl. We couldn’t be more thrilled with her.

Thanks for raising such a wonderful little lady!


May 5,2011

Hi Michelle & Brian,

We just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Buddy at 8 weeks! He is such a great dog, our son tells him quite alot that he is happy he picked him.

He is doing very well, housebroken already and training is going really well also. We registered him through AKC and our papers have arrived. We were very lucky to find you and appreciate the opportunity to own a pup from your litters.

Thanks again for our Buddy!

Craig, Jessica & Matthew

May 5, 2011

Brian & Michelle,

Wanted to let you know that Brady is settling in very well! He sleeps all night with no messes in the crate! He is amazingly relaxed, as you can see by the photos. He's even managed to make it up an entire flight of stairs with no problem. Thank you for your role in bringing this beautiful boy into our lives!!


May 3, 2011

Brian/Michelle –

I just want to thank you for sharing Cinnamon with us. We are so happy to have her! She will be loved by all of us…including my Mom/Nana.

Isabella and Jacob are thrilled to have a new family member. They have been talking about her all week at school with their friends and teachers.

Although I know she will need time to adjust to us, I was so happy to find her moments ago sleeping in Jacob’s bed. He would be so happy if he knew.I will update you periodically and I thank you again for sharing her with us!

Amy, Tim, Isabella, and Jacob

May 2011

Hi Michelle -

Hope this email finds you doing well, just wanted to share some pictures

of how Mayzy spent her 1st birthday...she is doing great, so full of

energy! And such a ham!


Jeff, Julie, Sydny, Mayzy and Cooper

Febuary 14, 2011

Hi Michelle,

We wanted to share an updated picture of our Chloe with you (Copper & Daisy’s baby). Chloe is 14 months old and STILL has such a sweet baby face. She is the sweetest dog. Smart, funny, and just full of personality.

We are so excited, we gave my aunt’s friend your number several weeks ago…. Janice. I found out last weekend that they did indeed add a little girl to their family! I saw pictures, she is gorgeous. I think she is Copper & Callie’s?? We lost our older Golden to cancer at Thanksgiving…she was only 9…which was so hard. Chloe is doing well and has adjusted to being an only child. LOL she gets to come to work with me now so she does not get lonely and is spoiled more than ever. She has a permanent spot under my desk. LOL However, a few weeks after Starr died, my daughter and I peeked at your site just to see if Chloe now looks like her mom. My daughter and I saw the “headline” on your site that you have one of Callie’s females left! It was all we had not the hop in the car and come snatch her up! I was so happy to hear that Janice had called you and now has that puppy!! In a few weeks, we plan to go over to Janice’s to have Chloe meet her ½ sister.

Good luck with your spring litters and we will continue to praise the care you give to your dogs and puppies to any friends we know looking for a pup. We certainly do not have tell people how gorgeous the dogs are, all they have to do is look at Chloe. J And you know, when I do decide that I am ready to replace my Starr, I will be calling you!

Take care!


January 22,2011

Just wanted to take a minute and share my joy with you.

I am so very in love with the dog (Samson) whom I purchased from your May 1st 2010 liter of Callie and Golden Boy Copper. I cannot express enough how great this puppy is. He is so very loving and beautiful. Every where we go people stop us and want to know more about him, including the vet! He is a premium quality golden and I am so very glad we made the long drive to come get him from southern Ohio. Had I known that this puppy would grow to be as wonderful as he is, I would have driven 2000 miles one way to come and get him!

Anyone looking for perfection would be wise to choose a puppy between Callie and Golden Boy Copper. You may not remember but we plan to breed him with our 2 female goldens in the years to come. We are very excited to see how wonderful those pupies will be since our Samson is a such perfect quality Golden. We cannot thank you enough. May God Bless you in all areas of your lives. Thanks



Had Bella to the vet on Monday. She now weighs 13.9 lbs. The vet was very impressed with her. She liked the shape of her head and noted how black the pads of her feet are and said that is a sign of good breeding. She is doing well and loves the snow or I should say she did before it all melted. Again thank you for the wonderful puppy, she is much loved. Eileen


Ginny is doing great--she even gave us 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.She is getting along great with the other dogs. The cat tried to terrorize her this morning, but she loved it. Wonderful wagging tail, and a happy spring in her step.

We've already added some photos to our website--and she's already been riding skateboards at puppy class.Thank you.



Great Breeder! Great puppy!!

We selected Mayzy as an addition to our then one-dog family, on 3/28/10, this was our first experience of working with a breeder online and there was not a stone left unturned in dealing with Michelle, all of our questions were answered without a doubt prior to pick up. We traveled 5+ hrs. to pickup on a Sunday and Michelle was very giving of her time, although she had several pickups scheduled on the same day. She’s fit in perfectly with our 4 yr old Beagle. She is a very intelligent Golden, and was fully housebroken around 2 mos, the only accidents after that were wholly our fault. The 1st roughly 4 weeks she woke each night around 3am to hit the pad, after that she preferred to go outside, was a challenge but one we embraced because it’s what she SHOULD DO! She’s in perfect health, and was spayed 9/1/10. Awesome dog and full of energy! Loves to play ball, run down to the water and plop down on her belly at the lake and play and chase our Beagle, and watch TV.


October 15, 2010

couldn't be happier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a hobby breeder in Iowa that was looking to improve my breeding program. We purchased Bella & Sophie that were born in May and couldn't be happier. Both are calm, intelligent, have beautiful coats, and wonderful temperments. We get compliments all the time on them. We look forward to acquiring additional puppies in the future.


October 1, 2010

best choice ever!

We are very happy with our puppy Cabo. He is very well mannered and very easy to train. The experience with the breeders Michelle and Brian was wonderful they were very professional. I would recommend this breeder for anyone that wants a beautiful golden for a fair price. We lost our golden back in January and was leery about getting another dog we were not sure if we could bond with another but with Cabos personality and temperament he makes our family complete again.


September 15, 2010

Great Breeder, Loving Family

After Loosing our 5 year old Golden to Lymphoma we wanted to take our time and find a dog from a good breeder with a long line of purebreds. We found Michelle on puppy find and were impressed from the first email. She was very helpful and answered all of our questions as we searched for our next family member. After making the trip to Brown City from Jackson and seeing the puppies and how they where taken care of we new we found what we where looking for. Two weeks later we brought Copper home and we have been in love ever since! What a great dog! He is exactly what we were hoping for. Our first visit to our family vet brought a big smile to his face, he was very impressed with Copper and how healthy he is. I want to thank michelle and her family for raising such a great puppy! We highly recommend this breeder and will call them again when we are ready to add another dog to our home.


May 4, 2010

We LOVE our puppy!!!!!!

We received our puppy CASEY MCINTOSH, In December '09 from the Robertsons. He is by far the most wonderful puppy we have ever seen!! He very well mannered, so gentle, even tempered, gets along with all ages and breeds of other dogs, has been very easy to train, and loves kids and adults alike!! He has been the best addition to our family! He was purchased to heal our broken hearts after our Lab died, and he has done that, and so much more! The Robertsons were very easy to deal with and have a very high grade bloodline of puppies. We will be breeding our sweet boy because of the long family line of champions and certifications. We thank Robertson's Retrievers for their wonderful treatment of our puppy and of us as we re-filled our hearts, we couldn't be happier!!!



Couldn't have made a better choice!!!

We received our beautiful girl, Dixie, from Brian and Michelle just a little under a year ago! We live in Texas so I was a little concerned about choosing a puppy over the internet. Michelle answered all my questions thoroughly and sent me pictures along the way to help me choose my puppy. I'm convinced that she was right when she said there wasn't an ill tempered pup in the litter since the sire/dam were great! She arrived in perfect shape and even our picky vet was impressed despite her warning of internet puppy shopping. She's smart, playful, and easy to train (best in her obedience class). We have friends that were going to buy from Michelle but backed out in order to get a "local" Golden that they could "see and hold". The dog has AKC/decent pedigree, but has already had 2 surgeries in one year and honestly isn't nearly as pretty as our Dixie! Worth the shipping fee and I would highly recommend the Robertson's to anyone!!! Thanks Michelle and Brian! Niki


Long journey with a happy ending...

It took 1.5 heartrending years to find our puppy! We visited many rescues & breeders. My daughter’s first shelter puppy died of parvo while she sobbed. We met dishonest people, lame mother dogs, and growling, unsocialized pups. Finding Michelle was a relief. Her dogs were truly healthy & friendly, her health records valid, & her pups familiar with kids/home life. We made multiple long visits & asked thorny questions. Because we’d had parvo here, we needed extra vaccines plus a delayed take-home date. Each time I emailed Michelle, her response was a graceful, “we can work that out.” We’ve had Amber 2 happy weeks. She is pretty, sweet, friendly, calm. Since my mother was unexpectedly hospitalized, we stayed at another home where Amber met 7 kids & 3 dogs. Amber’s response to all: tail-wagging enthusiasm. She did the same at puppy class, while other pups barked, cried or hid. She is smart enough to learn quickly and sweet enough to love. Our search has a happy ending! Thanks, Michelle!



Over the moon with puppy Rosie

We were so pleased when we found out about Brian and Michelle and saw all of the wonderful pups. My husband and I could have taken any of them home, but our daughter was adamant that she wanted a female so our choice was narrowed down very quickly. Michelle and Brian were wonderful at passing on information about everything and anything (including ancestry and health checks) and were extremely flexible with times and dates for pick up over the Christmas period. Rosie is a beautiful, wonderful pup. We have had her one week now and she is very nearly potty trained. She has settled so quickly into our home and we believe this has been helped by the way Brian and Michelle have raised them.



Excellent Quality Puppy

I purchased a female puppy from the OFA excellent mom for my son . I was very impressed dealing with Michelle and Brian they were very informative with lots of documentation to send with the puppy. I was also very inpressed with the time & money invested on making sure this was a healthy litter(OFA,Hips & elbows heart & eye checks). The puppy is awesome very smart and loving she is great addition to our family we love her!!!



Great Quality for the price!

I bought a $300 male pup ELMO for my older son on his birthday. My son was Very Happy with the choices he had to choose from. One pup in particular bonded with him instantly! Both Michelle & Brian supplied us with all the information we needed. I barely had to ask any questions. Our pup transitioned very easily and is a very loving pup! Our vet was impressed as well. He is a very nice looking, well behaved puppy. We almost have him potty trained. He's very smart and knows how to sit on command. He's 9 weeks old. My son and ELMO are buddies and perfect fit for each other. Thanks for everything. I'll definitely pass on the good word! -Carla P.S. They also helped us when we lost our way! LOL!



Best buy ever

I just purchased my baby golden boy (Tanner), and I could not have asked for anything better. Brian was AWESOME. Easy to talk to and felt comfortable asking any question. The home was very clean and secure where he came from. It was so hard to pick just one. I highly suggest buying from this breeder. All the documents and puppy kit where easy to understand, and everything was throughly explained. I am very excited and thrilled to raise this pup :) Thank you very much Brain. Pictures will be sent soon. --

Alyssa and Carrie


Awesome Pup

This transaction ran very smoothly. Michelle was very informative and responded promptly to every e-mail I sent. Pictures were sent on a regular basis as well as an update about the puppy. The puppy was shipped very easily with no problems. He is an awesome pup with the best personality and manners, and has made a great addition to our home. It is obvious Brian and Michelle give great care to the puppies. I would definitely buy from them again. Thank you Brian & Michelle for our great puppy!



A Sweatheart Puppy

The Robertson's were great to work with, they answered all of our questions. They sent pictures of our puppy and kept us updated. We would buy another puppy from the Robertson's. We love our puppy she's great with our kids and she's a joy to have, she's a great addition to our family.



Golden girl puppy

My new little puppy is a very cute little girl. Michelle was very nice about working with my schedule to make sure it would be the best time for me to pick up my new puppy. She also gave me a lot of information in the puppy pack. Thanks again for everything!



tony T

brian & michelle are great to work with. they made the experience so easy. The puppies are all so clean and well cared for. They welcomed us into their home to choose our new puppy and sent us pictures until "pick up" day. Brian actually kissed our puppy goodby when we left. Talk about quality breeders. Michelle shared so much info with us. We know we have a top quality puppy. If you are thinking about a new puppy, check out Brian & michelle. They treat their puppies like "kids" It was hard only taking one puppy!



Very Happy With Our Puppy Shelby,

We had a great experience with Michelle and Brian. Very friendly and helpful. Michelle sent pictures of the puppy all the time and we usually talked every two days or so she would give us a update on Shelby. We also liked being able to see the mother and father of Shelby they were beautiful. Michelle gave us lots of helpful information on the puppy before we left. Overall, you could tell they were very loving towards the puppies because they made sure to say goodbye to Shelby with hugs and kisses, and told us to send plenty of pictures of her. This was a great experience with Michelle and Brian I would definetely recommend them to anyone looking for a golden puppy. Shelby is such a beautiful and loving puppy so glad we found her. Thanks Michelle and Brian....... Michelle


Wonderful Experience

Our puppy from Michelle and Brian just arrived. The puppy was shipped to San Antonio with no problems concerning the flight, etc. We were amazed when we let the puppy out of the crate--she was just beautiful and so lovable and friendly. Michelle kept me well informed, answered my questions, and sent pictures. It was a wonderful experience. The puppy is just perfect, and we love her so much. I would definitely purchase another Golden from the Robertsons.



An amazing and exciting experience

Michelle, and Brian make your puppy buying experience into something you'll never forget. Right from the start they let you know everything they do for your growing puppy. Everything you read in there article is true. The puppies are raised in a smoke free, very clean, and very family oriented home. Any questions i ever had Michelle would answer, as well she would send me pictures and keep me updated at all times of my puppies progress. The most amazing thing that I saw was when i finally got to take my little guy home. Before we left everyone in the family said goodbye to the puppy. To me that showed how much the family cares for these puppies. I will never forget my experience and I thank Michelle, and Brian for everything. I will return to Robertsons Retrievers for another one of these beautiful goldens.



Best experience buying a puppy

My family and I purchased our first golden from Michelle, not only was it our first golden but it was Michelle's first time shipping. She made it very painless and easy experience. Being so far away from the puppies, Michelle kept us constantly updated with e-mails, photos, and phone calls. And now that we have our little boy we could not be more pleased, he is the sweetest and cutest golden I have every seen. I would deffinately come back to Michelle to purchase another puppy!Thank you Michelle.-

Jenn From California


Loves her puppies

Home was very clean just like she said in her profile. Puppies were just beautiful. Mom & Dad were there for me to see. I got a puppy pack w/puppy dog food and she explained how much and when. Lots of good info. She took her take with me. She has very beautiful goldens. The puppies are well socialized. I am very please with our new puppy from Michelle. He's wonderful. My kids love him. I would go back to get another puppy in the future from Michelle.

The Baxter Family


Couldn't be happier!!

Our puppy,{Gracie}, is absolutely gorgeous! Brian and Michelle really made us feel comfortable coming to their home, and meeting their family, who give the puppies so much love. You can really tell that these beautiful pups have had the best start possible!! We will be sending updates on how she is doing. I highly recommend this breeder if you are interested in getting a golden!! Thank you so much Brian and Michelle! -

The Pauli Family


Very Happy

These were the nicest couple to deal with. They were up front about how they take of the dogs. They also have hands on with everything. They are very caring and concern on where the puppies go. Thank you to both of you.



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